With Pelt we sat down, but Jablonec not buy, says the head of the Dutch club

Adrianus Kruf does not possess Czech citizenship, but my second home wishes. Except the match with the Netherlands, though … “mutual matches with the Czech Republic have seen more, but unfortunately most of them where I was, the Netherlands lost. Maybe he good luck, “he laughs.

First, you have to say, how did it happen that you played with Pierre van Hooijdonk …
“It was the youth in Halsteren. It is a year younger, we knew only from football but also from school. Throughout the summer we had dug, practicing free kicks that made him famous when he won the UEFA Cup with Feyenoord. Even in youth, we then met as rivals, then went to Roosendaal, who advanced to the top league and I stayed in the third league. Then I went to Germany. Two years ago, I met him in Lisbon in the Champions League. We did not have much time, we reminisce on old times. We look a lot differently … (laughs)

You meet you on the field? You Přihrával his goals?
“Yes, it worked it well. I centered and he gave a goal with his head, it was not a mistake. (laughs) I’ve always played the middle of the midfielder until then my coach, who led the Dutch amateur representation, shifted to the right wing because I was fast. Then when I left during the war to Germany, where they had our Air Force base, the first time I started playing in attack. ”

How to develop your career in Germany?
“With the team we base our amateur team played against Bremen and I get together with another guy singled out and we started to train with them. This guy was Arie van Lent, which is then pushed in the Bundesliga (played for Bremen, Mönchengladbach or Eintracht Frankfurt – Ed. Ed.), And now does youth in Mönchengladbach. ”

You believed that in Germany the break through?
“I’ve experienced in the Netherlands, that the differences between the players were great, everyone knew how to dig. In youth I took about three years with Henk Vos, it was unbelievable how he scored. Then he played for Standard Liege, Sochaux and Feyenoord, talent is manifested with him more than with van Hooijdonk. Besides talent, it depends on other factors: if you have a coach in popularity, do you have a name. I paid extra to how they say … good life? ”

Your lifestyle?
“Yes, diet. (laughs) Maybe I did not come without apology to training and when it happened a second time, they said that’s the way it is. Then I played in Germany a fourth league three years I combined with high school football in Osnabrück, until I ended up in some twenty-three. I then started up again in thirty-seven in Černolice, it is a paradox. “(Laughs)

When you return to the Netherlands, you ask people often on Czech football?
“Actually, Netherlands Visit sporadically, only a few times a year. But the closest friends from high school course quiz, football is all interests. None of them knew Jablonec, but when we played in the European league, Ajax, I invited them and they watched as we were a match for him. Otherwise, how can I go to look at PSV Eindhoven, whose fan since I was seven years old. The local management already knows about us, asking questions, he reads them, Mr. Pelt. I can feel them interested in Czech football is still with us a good reputation. In the Netherlands played a lot of good players, whether before Pepa Chovanec, Galásek, Grygera or later Kalas, now there is Václav Černý. Eindhoven had an extra interest Pavel Nedved, but unfortunately it did not happen, he went to Italy. It is our great idol. ”

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