This team has a spirit, the Hapoel trainer

BRATISLAVA. The Slovak football team up to 21 years old moved to Belarus on Friday, where it is expected to enter the qualification for the 2017 European Championship in Poland in Sluck on Sunday.

Trainer SR 21 Pavel Hapal has ten legionaries available, but he will be suspended by Adam Zreľák from Slovan Bratislava to be eliminated in a match in Italy in his previous qualification.

A representative team up to 21 years old will be fighting for the European Championship 2017 in Poland in the 8th qualifying group, in which, besides Belarus, the Netherlands, Turkey and Cyprus will compete.

The same procedure has the winners of the nine qualifying groups, the four best teams in the second places (according to the results with teams on 1st, 3rd-5th.Place) will be fighting in the dungeon for the remaining two rooms.

Under the guidance of former coach Ivan Glady, the SR 21 has always penetrated into the barrage in the previous two qualifying rounds, but it was halted by the Dutch and Italians.

Young Slovaks have come to terms with Wednesday’s triumph in the international long-term Challenge Trophy.

The team who stepped up to 23 players (Pauschek, Guba, Kiss, Štetina, Malec-pozn.) Turned the match with Turkey 23 in the final in Myjav and beat him in the penalty shootout.

SR 21 has not been overtaken by Hapal.It won over Norway in the Challenge Trophy (4: 1), draw with Ukraine (0: 0) and then also beat the Czechs (2: 0) and Poland (1: 0).

“This team has the strength, the determination and the honesty We have had time to read the Belarusian opponent, we watched their preparatory matches We are ready, of course we will make a decision on the course We did not play in the preparation, It is essential, we have not done much, it is also essential.There is a great mood and a sense of spirit and determination, “said the Czech pilot, who had to make one change in the nomination.

Duel, Tomáš Vestenický from Modena, replaced Matúš Marcina from FC Vysočina Jihlava. In the town of Sluck has started at 15.00 CET as the main referee will be led by Serbian Danilo Grujič, and the TV will be broadcast live by the Dajo in the live broadcast of the match, SR 21 nomination for qualifying match in Belarus

/ 6 September, Sluck, 15.00 CET /