Straka train goes to Egypt. Welcome Franz, cheers club on the Internet

The coach Frantisek Straka is back in the game! Soccer petrel found engagement in faraway Egypt, according to information from the server lead the club Ismaily FC. The club, which lies about 120 kilometers east of Cairo, has already signed a contract and on Friday he will premiere right on the bench.

Straka, who in his career has led, for example, Sparta Prague and Slavia, as well as the national team, the club has managed to greet them. On twittering account adorn the face of the Czech coach blue and yellow colors of the club and welcome in English. The text of the coach has been welcomed by addressing Franz Straka as a nickname.

Czech coach is known as a great motivator who could revive a flagging team started well with the help of special methods, which need players to invite tartar and trying to rouse them. Now this is probably the club Ismaily FC needs because behind table leader lags 21 points. For preparation will have enough time. According after Friday’s match awaits the Egyptian league and a half month-long pause.

The club Ismaily SC was founded in 1924 in the Egyptian city of Ismailia called Nahda Sporting Club. Dvaadevadesátileté in its history managed to win three times in Egyptian highest competition, most recently in 2002, and twice won the local cup. In 1969 he won the African Champions League finals in this competition got even thirteen years ago. Players Club is nicknamed dervishes.

Straka been based on information available on the club website he saw his new charges in action and relishes their speed and technical skills. Keeping allegedly promised the help of special training methods and team performance still raises.

Straka has in the past attempted to break even on television reality show Yes, Coach, but there has not been successful. He functioned as an expert in the studio during the matches of the Champions League.