So Slavs signed a contract. Puliš and so begins the season in Zvolen

BRATISLAVA. Top scorer of last year’s major league Radovan Puliš recently signed an annual contract with a party KHL Slovan Bratislava. However, the coaches and the new season should start in the jersey breast Zvolen.

Dvadsaťtriročný attacker will be under the Desert Castle act on loan. Informs the official website of HKM.

“I signed a two-way contract. We agreed that it will be better for me if I now valid player in Zvolen, than waiting for a chance Slavs in the fourth and fifth top five,” said Puliš for web Zvolencania.

“The team Slovan I joined after arriving from Zagreb already underway in preparation.Team had some matches in a row, received their faces, “he recalled Puliš.

” I am in such a situation began to fight at all on contract. I was under pressure and in a new environment. These preparatory matches in which I joined, I did not go as they should, “he admitted Puliš.

” Lead me but for a shorter probation did not want to ‘blast’ and the coach Riha me the team wanted. They claimed that in me some potential, but I need to pause after wrestling to win. A Zvolen is a good solution. “

Návrat Puliša, likely delighted teammates and coach Josefa Tureka, who won a quality striker.But indefinitely. “I can be here a week, I can be here until Christmas. I really do not know,” he reveals.

“It’s so that I may at any time the phone rang, now is pack up and for two hours I will be in Bratislava. It is the decision of my employer. For now, however, unnecessary in that deal. Where I, I will try to play as best as I can. ”

Author of 34 goals elapsed extra league season should play the first match in Zvolen on Friday – and now against his potential teammates from Slav. Duel on the agenda at 17.00 in Zvolen.

“Certainly looking forward to this meeting.Theoretically, it can happen to me after the game of Bratislava loaded into a bus and drove with him, “he quipped Puliš.