Red after Spengler: Referee whistle all here, not like us

You have defeated the Russian cities of Yekaterinburg, lost to Lugano and Canada. You say goodbye to your head held high?
“I think yes. Although we lost the Canadian high except for Spengler Cup we left a good impression. As we are on the ice, so our fans in the stands. I hope that next year again invited and we will do even a better job than this year. It’s great here, everyone would like to play a tournament. Full stadium, all around the same smiles, the party at the stadium, mountains, great cast of teams … Wow. The level of the game is close matches representation. I believe that the local tempo can also transfer to Extraliga. And until the new year, we will compete at home with Liberec that we will not have to substitute. ”

Now, to match with Canada. This indicates that the 1: 5 for the difference in strength of both teams, or not?
“Canada has a great team here. Result emerged from the first period, when we are just vlítli, we played a lot of weakness in which they twice struck. We suddenly had to push harder to finish, opening the game, trying to renumber. This resulted in errors in defense and then another goal in our network. ”

Canada played a third game in four days, you duel the third in three days. It’s the beginning of the game influence?
“Especially in the first period. They flew into it, we had a disqualification. Nothing we did not give up, second and third period, we filed a pretty good performance but lacked the goal. Play with Canada twenty minutes is not weakening, it can not win. The chances of another score but we have had. ”

In what was a major force in Canada?
“They are straight, are emphatic, pushing the goal, everything just shooting at the goal, that was the main difference.”

On the ice were also emotions, especially after a foul unpunished high stick on you, after which you bled from the mouth …
“Judge not exactly přehlídnul, but otherwise I think the whistle well. But the trend is there other than us. Here Judges assess each intervention as a foul poles, it is not easy to adapt to the snap of the fingers on another meter. We can take from that lesson home that will not stick at all to use and hopefully we’ll play less weakening in Extraliga and we will see thanks to better results. ”