Juríková sovereignly Vyhlavová vyfoukala, Čepelová finished

BRATISLAVA. Slovak tennis player Jana Čepelová played at the ITF Slovak Open in Bratislava with Israeli player Julia Glušková in seventh round of the eighth round of singles in 89 minutes 0-6, 6: 7 (4).

In the second game in the Sibamac arena, the Košice native had a 5: 0 lead and managed to win at 5: 4. She did not and then even lost service to 5: 6, but she was able to answer the rebrequette.

The blade has entered the secret, but 21-year-old Glušková, 186. in computer order, achieved a turnover of 0: 1 to 4: 1 with a double minibridge. Slovakia fell to 2: 4, but after a while it was 2: 6 and finally 4: 7. Čepelová neměla svůj den

Čepelová nezklamala po přehře. “I did not have a day today, I did not get into it.I consider the first set very negative, I did not even beat a gem, although I had a few advantages over there. In the second, I was totally caught, winning 5: 0. But then, new balls came in that suit more opponents and broke. I was as if it had been withdrawn and Gluškov turned the course of the set. At the end of the game he started to cheat on the elbow, but it was limited to me, “said Čepelová, who still continues in the quarter-finals next to Janette Husárová.

Čepelová takes 8 points in the retirement and a check at 490 USD. At this tournament, she also succumbed to the late champion Kateryn Bondarenko from Ukraine twice in the eighth round 5: 7.A round on Lenka Juríková’s exile.

Petra Huber’s 18-year-old named for the Czech Tennis Center Čepelová is at 220th in the WTA World Ranking and is most likely to be over the “line” of the Australian Open Grandslam Championship in Melbourne.

Čepelová in NTC took the victory of Lucie Šafářová in February in a fedcup meeting in an irreversible condition for the benefit of the host.

Jana Čepelová did not succeed with Janette Husarova in the quarter-finals, with 72 minutes 6: 7 (5), 3: 6 in the quarterfinals with “spider” units, Czechs Karolina and Kristýna Plíšková.Jurík’s move in less than an hour

Slovak tennis player Lenka Juríková has sovereignly won the quarterfinals of singles. In the second round after a good performance, Czech fourth-placed Czech Sandra Zahlavova made a 6: 1 and 6-0 draw in 55 minutes.

Juríková has been well on the court during the entire duel, well served and returned and in long exchanges she often ended up with winning bearded longhair. In the semifinals duel on Friday against the Dutch qualifier Richel Hogenkampová.-

Juríková was satisfied with the smooth progress to the quarterfinals. “It was a very good performance on my part, I was playing relaxed, I was looking forward to the game, I went into it with the fact that I had nothing to lose because I had been playing with her three weeks ago.I knew Sandy was going to hit more. It’s got to keep her on the length and get under the pressure I’ve done today. I was working on the forhende and now it was in the yard to see it, “said Juríková Schmiedlovú vyrazili kvalicka Kičenoková The home junior Karolina Schmiedlová finished in the fourth round of the eighth round with the Ukrainian qualifier Ľudmila Kičenoková, 366th in WTA retirement, 78 minutes two times 3: 6.

Milan Martincom, under the National Tennis Center program, led by 17-year-old Kosice native Schmiedl, 634th in senior rating, could not add another pleasant surprise after , As in the middle of the first round, she released a pair of “spider” Elika Kostova from Bulgaria.She took 8 points in the world rankings and a check at $ 490, playing on free card from the organizing Slovak Tennis Association (STZ).

The quarter-finisher of the Melbourne Grandslam Australian Open 2011 Melbourne Grand Prix and Bronze from the other European Men’s Under 18s Schmiedl’s last season at the Slovak Open was played by Ms. Honča, who was not just in the first round at the 1st round. Kičenokovú. Kucha against Gavrilova did not succeed Slovak tennis player Kristína Kučova failed in 2nd round of singles at the ITF Slovak Open tournament in Bratislava NTC ($ 25,000).Russian qualifier Daria Gavrilova succumbed in 1:55 h in two sets of 3: 6 and 5: 7.

In the second game, the younger one from the six-point Kucova outstripped 5: 2, in the tenth gem did not use the three setbals when submitting their rivals. Lenka Juríková will be the only Slovakian turtle in the quarter-finals of the women’s single. Dvojhra – 2. kolo (finále): Lesia Curenková (Ukr.-1) – Kristina Mladenovicová (Fr.) 6: 4, 6: 3 Julia Gluskova (Izr. -7) – Jana Čepelová (SR) 6: 0, 7: 6 (4)

Lenka Juríková (SR)

Ricardo Hogenkamp (NL) – Kristina Plickova (CR-8) 6: 4, 6: 4

Daria Gavrilova (RUS)

Tímea Babosová (Maď.-3) – Naomi Broadyová (V.6: 2, 6: 2

Karolína Plíšková (CZ-5) – Paula Kaniova (Poland) P>

Ľudmila Kičenoková (UK) – Karolína Schmiedlová (SR) 6: 3, 6: 3 Fourth Quarter Final:

Husarova (SR) 7: 6 (5), 6: 3 in 72 minutes