Finnish disgrace! Defenders of the title play only to maintain, they have already exchanged coaches

Defenders of the Finns will be playing for the World Cup hockey championship in Canada for up to 20 years and will finish the tournament under the guidance of a new coach. About their fall to the fight for rescue against Latvia decided Friday’s win of Switzerland over Denmark 5: 4 after separate raids. The Finns failed immediately to coach Jukka Rautakorpi, who has already replaced his planned successor Jussi Ahokas. Finals after defeat with Czech (1: 2), Denmark (2: 3) and Sweden (1: 3) The A group in Montreal, the last and only hope ahead of the final duel with Switzerland, could defeat the Swiss with Denmark.They lost to 0: 3 and 1: 4, but the result turned and thanks to the winning goal of Marco Miranda in the shot succeeded 5: 4 after separate raids.

The leadership of the Finnish Hockey Association decided, in a historic swamp, the 55-year-old Rautakorpi Scheduled tournament appeal. He has been on the bench since the beginning of this season, when he replaced Jukka Jalonen. He was taken over by KHL Jokerit Helsinki in the KHL Jokerit after two years. After the two-year-old Koke Jokerit Helsinki, he was succeeded by the arrival of thirty-six-year-old Ahokas in the Grand Forks in April in the Finnish eighteen. From her successful squad, seven players are disappointed in Montreal. Ahokas, who was supposed to take over the team from next season, watched the events from close range.At the tournament, he was still a TV expert of the Finnish YLE station.

The Finns will play to keep up with Latvia, who succumbed to Slovakia 2: 4. The Slovaks lost to Karlise Kukste, but Phillip Lešťan settled in the ninth minute, Miloš Roman turned Miloš Roman at the end of the second period and insured Andrej Hatal and Marek Sloboda in the final act. The result was only corrected by Filips Buncis. The Czech team is ahead of Toronto to fight with Russia for third place in group B.

The Czech team is ahead of today’s last duel in Group A with Sweden (19:00 CET) third with a loss of one point for Denmark, In the group, and with a one-point lead in front of Switzerland. In order to move to the second position, the Soviet Swedes must certainly defeat.They have a worse balance with the Danes and Swiss players in their matches.

Switzerland – Denmark 5: 4 after Sam. Hischier (Riat, Siegenthaller), 27. Zehnder (1: 3, 2: 1, 1: 0 – 0: 0) Weber, Gross), 33. Eggenberger (Prassl, Miranda), 44. Zehnder (In Albon, Siegenthaler), decisive sam. Miranda – 1. True (Gatz Nielsen), 4. Blichfeld (Krag Christensen, Röndbjerg), 14. Andersen (From, Weichel), 21. From (True, Röndbjerg). Judges: Burchell (Canada), Kubus (SR) – Davis (USA), Suchanek (Czech Republic). online betting guide Penalties: 3: 5, extra Jensen (DEN) 10 min. Usage: 0: 1. Viewers: 6006

Slovakia – Latvia 4: 2 (1: 1, 1: 0, 2: 1) > Goalies and Records: 9. Lešťan, 39. Miloš Roman (Michal Roman, Sloboda), 41. Hatala (Michal Roman), 46.Sloboda (Miloš Roman, Grman) – 4. Bout (Balcers, Buncis), 54. Buncis (Čukste, Dzierkals). Judges: Lemelin (USA), Rohatsch – Kohlmüller (both Germans), Suominen (Fin.).

Exclusion: 6: 5. Usage: 0: 1. Viewers: 6018.

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