Federer: Tennis for a great year. And my form? Opponents do not know what will come

Roger Federer in an interview with The New York Times started talking not only about his return to tennis, but also a wide range of other topics.

On the courts to sixteen-fold Grand Slam champion will have to Hopmanově Cup, which begins on January 1st traditionally in Perth, Australia. Then head to the Australian Open. “Even the kids asked me when I get back on the court. I love traveling, enjoying that we go again. I will, of course, can not wait. I am looking forward to the big games, the fans, the atmosphere,” admitted Federer.

Thirty-five tennis legend, however, does not regret the break. “I tried to be as a family. This time you have children, you had never replace it. It was a great time. Never on this year’s forget for me was extraordinary, I remember every day spent with family. I have no regrets. The only what I regret is that I lost the Olympics in Rio, I’ve never been there, games have been one of my most important goals. ”

Swiss during his longest career breaks fell to sixteenth place, tennis events but honestly watched. “I did not want to miss. The results I was looking online and duel Murray and Djokovic of world number one was phenomenal, Wawrinkovo ​​victory at the US Open as well. The more I can not wait to return,” continues Roger.

Murray as leader? It suprised me

“To be honest, that Novak lost the world number one for me is a big surprise. When I saw him in the first half of the year, I did not think would emerge a player that could endanger him. Moreover, Djokovic or in the second half did not play badly. he won in Toronto, played the final of the US Open, the tournament champions. And like him was not enough. what we showed Andy was in fact excellent. I must bow before him, “says the native of Basel.

And his opponents sends a clear warning. “I’m rested, fresh and above all very hungry for further successes. Besides, I have the most important thing is support from his wife Mirka and the children. And if you think about the end of my career? Not a chance. If I can play tennis at the highest level, decisively ending the’m not going, “assures the Swiss fans.

As the new season winner of 88 tournaments pleased confirmed his next words. “It will be a great year. Andy Murray is excellent, the same Djokovic, Nadal will go up again, and I hope also. It turns out that already at the Australian Open,” Federer doubts.
In an interview with the father of four children he started talking as well as his injury and the treatment that followed. “The first three months I practiced an hour a day. Only then I started to work more on the physical part. It was difficult, I expected that treatment will go faster. One day it was better, then turn worse, but I gradually recovering. I would say, I’m at 90% right, “says the tennis record holder.

Kyrgios has huge potential

A big part of training him since October, when he started his training on the court, did the sparring partner of twenty-two Frenchman Lucas Pouille, who belongs to the ranking fifteenth place, and who is considered one of the greatest tennis hope.

That is not even thirteen World Nick Kygrigos. “I’m a fan of young players, and Nick is an excellent tennis player and a great showman. He has tremendous potential to be a star, but it depends on how it compares in my head, and if it is willing to work hard. If so, it may be true superstar. But there are as well as other Zverev, Raonic, Coric. the fans have to look forward to, “says seven-time Wimbledon champion.

And what is the program Roger Federer for 2017? “I’ll go to the Hopman Cup, Australian Open, Dubai, Indian Wells and Miami. Regarding the clay part of the season, I have no clear idea yet. On the grass I wanted to play in Stuttgart, Halle and Wimbledon, but we’ll see what he says my body. I would play 52 tournaments a year, but it is obviously not possible. I need to stay in the country, “concludes the Swiss.

Federer draws inspiration from the other sports icons such as Jaromir Jagr, Gianluigi Buffon and Serena Williams. “It’s great to see how these celebrities still prove its quality. Buffon example Juventus and the national team. Twenty years and more are moving in elite sport and still are great. They are my great idol that I can still continue to top level, “concludes icon.