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With Pelt we sat down, but Jablonec not buy, says the head of the Dutch club

Adrianus Kruf does not possess Czech citizenship, but my second home wishes. Except the match with the Netherlands, though … “mutual matches with the Czech Republic have seen more, but unfortunately most of them where I was, the Netherlands lost.

Flo goes to Slavia! The Club of Eden has another boost, this time from Norway

Two reinforcements are not enough, we want more. Soccer Slavia changes in the insatiable beast, and on Wednesday unveiled already the third new players during the winter break. In Eden will operate defender with experience from the Norwegian team-Per Egil

Straka train goes to Egypt. Welcome Franz, cheers club on the Internet

The coach Frantisek Straka is back in the game! Soccer petrel found engagement in faraway Egypt, according to information from the server lead the club Ismaily FC. The club, which lies about 120 kilometers east of Cairo, has already

I would like to put some goals and get Slavia trophies wishes Norwegian reinforcements

Move in your career, get some trophies and play European cups. With these plans come to Slavia defender with experience from the Norwegian team-Per Egil Flo. Club from Eden signed until the summer of 2019. “Champions League’ve never played before,