Angry König: Catastrophe half way, then standard, overall bad

DIRECT RIA The cyclist Leopold König will leave this year’s Olympics much disappointed. He finished 11th in time and did not look for any excuses. “The first half of the disaster, the second somehow standard. But overall bad, “he cried out for the performance he wanted to replay for an unfinished road race.

A quick question: what was wrong?
“I can not tell you everything in one day. You saw it: it takes me thirty kilometers to catch some rhythm when I do not race in the stage race. It was not entirely for me. I evaluate the first round disastrously. I do not know why I was so wrong.But it’s probably because I’m not running (the first half of the season was König wounded) and it takes me to warm up my diesel. In addition, we had it on wet, it probably added a bit too. I’m disappointed because I expected it better. “

Did not fit your track?
” I would not say that. She was seated, but when I get up with Timewatch Specialists, I will not really sell it in one day. It’s different in stage races. “

Still, you had the best time after your ride and you were sitting in a chair for the racing driver.
” And it was terrible. I knew it would not be a dozen. Pretty hell. The only thing that can please me, so of us, we had the same conditions, I won the first group. Although they were not the best.But at least partial success. “

Did you know when it was over?
” I thought it might be more balanced. But then we saw that in the first group they were the best time-keepers of the world and that it was another league. I would have needed before that time that we had to run so ten stages before. “

Have you been on a wet road in your head crashing from a road race?
” On security. I did not want to take the risk because I could break this…I did not want to. I was really quite afraid. It’s a steep slope, fifteen percent, bends pretty sharp, something different than Europe.I was driving it wet for the first time because we did not have the opportunity to ride it wet, so I was driving slowly. “

Did you enjoy the position of a leader in the chair?
” I was just cold here. One did not even think that there would be such a log. I did not really enjoy it. In addition, when I saw the split between fast and fast, it was such a wait for nothing. “

What was your first Olympics overall?
” It’s amazing. I tried to prepare for the last minute, I was twice in the alpine concentration camp. We did this and Sky’s season song. I think I eventually missed the Tour. When we look at it, most of the people who go there are Tour. That’s a big difference. I miss the endurance, it was visible on the road race.And I miss my performance for a day. “

König: I’m a three-liter diesel

Is it a startup problem that you need to travel thirty kilometers to catch up? strong>
“I think so. I am really such a three-liter diesel, and before it gets hot, it’s so terrible. I will not do anything about it. I will not change it. Now there will be a lot of experts who will advise me on how to train, but it’s not that easy. “

What do you plan for the rest of the season?
” I would like to ride Vuelta and I should go. We’ll see how Chris Froome will be, if he has a head to drive Vuelta and drive her to victory. “

Have you been together?
” We have not met here at all.I do not know where he was hiding. “

What do you spend the rest of your stay in Rio?
” I would like to go for some sports. For tennis, swimming. I wanted to surf, but it probably does not look like the weather. Maybe tomorrow, I’m flying tomorrow (Thursday) in the evening, so I need something else. “

You can not ask how do you evaluate Martina Sáblíková’s case…
” It must have been terribly stressful and terrible disappointment for her. After what had been happening in the last month, it was almost undeserved to her name. But on the other hand, they tried to fight in the end. Which is good on the one hand, but the other…Sitting in front of an anti-doping arbiter on the same chair, explaining why she was not nominated, what the reasons for it could not have been nice. From its point of view, it is a disaster. For her cycling career this may mean its end. “

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