A terrible fall on the curb! Cyclist has a heavy brain crack and cracked vertebra

The Dutch cyclist Annemie van Vleuten has a terrible crash at the end of the Sunday Olympics with a mass start, with a heavy brain crack and three vertebral cracks. According to NOS television, the hospital remains in the care of doctors in an intensive care unit, but out of danger.

The thirty-three-year-old cyclist had a splendid race for nearly 137 miles, and she, together with the American Mara Abbott, gold. But the skidding in the corner was 11 kilometers ahead of the target and the menacing crash fell on the curve of the medal hope. Instead, they raised great concern about her health, for she had long been immobile on the edge of the road.

“It looked terrible.When I saw her there, I thought she was dead, “said the wounded cyclist Anna van der Breggen, winner of the race. Van Vleuten fell roughly in the same place as he went down to the ground The British biker Geraint Thomas earlier in the men’s race.

“I’m in shock. I realized that I was in the top position of our team, so I went out of my way. I did it for Annemie. Seeing her like that…it’s just a shock, “said van der Breggen.

During the transfer to the hospital, van Vleuten was conscious and capable of communicating meaningfully, according to reports from the Dutch camp.As the trainers informed, and the people in her team who stayed in the hospital with her, she was also in the intensive care unit at that hospital.

“Annemiek has completed a CT scan and is in a steady state . There was no internal bleeding or internal injury, “said Cees Rein van den Hoogenband, head of the Dutch medical team.

A number of dangerous falls during cycling races have provoked a stormy debate on the safety of the Brazilian track. Former Olympic winner Chris Boardman, now working for the BBC, said the track was too dangerous. “I’m pretty angry because I was looking at the surface of the road, and it seemed to me that no one who falls here has a chance to get up and continue.It was very technical and very dangerous, “he said.

Another British expert Mick Bennett, director of the Tour of Britain, attacked the International Cycling Union. He thinks he never had to approve such a track.

“A bad decision,” Bennett said. “I do not know who approves this, if it’s a bother to come to see it,” he wrote on Twitter.